5 Ways On How To Prevent HIV

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) evaluates that more than 1 million Americans have human immunodeficiency infection (HIV). Even though its predominance is higher in specific urban areas, among African Americans, and among men who engage in sexual relations with other men, anybody can get the illness, which is deadly when not treated. Also, Americans keep on becoming tainted at high rates, incompletely because of the across the board conviction that you won't get it in case you're hetero, white, or taught. (Truth be told, it's trusted that one out of each four Americans living with HIV doesn't know he or she has it.)

To lessen your hazard, the National Institutes of Health suggests following these rules. 

Prevent HIV/AIDS

Utilize a condom each time 

Honestly, without fail—HIV is spread through semen, blood, pre-original liquids, vaginal liquids, and rectal liquids, which signifies that you can incur it through vaginal, oral, and butt-centric sex. Condoms decrease the danger of the infection being spread.

Get tested for HIV 

In spite of the way that 45% of Americans have never gotten tried for HIV, the CDC prescribes everybody between the ages of 13 and 64 is screened at any rate once. Those at high hazard, (for example, IV tranquillize clients, sex labourers, and anybody with an HIV-positive accomplice) ought to be tried yearly. Testing is free for the vast majority (the Affordable Care Act requires much medical coverage intends to offer it without a copay) and you can get comes about back in only 20 minutes.

Practice safe sex 

Before having intercourse with another person, get some information about their sexual history. For instance, have they at any point tried positive for HIV or another STD? What number of sex accomplices have they had in the middle of those tests? Restricting the number of sexual accomplices you have is another approach to diminish your hazard.

Try not to infuse drugs. 

Since HIV can be spread by blood, offering a needle to somebody who is tainted puts you in danger.

Consider a preventative treatment 

The individuals who are at high danger of contracting HIV can decrease their chances by taking pre-introduction prophylaxis (or PrEP). The PrEP pharmaceutical Truvada is utilized to treat HIV and can likewise help keep its spread. There are a few drawbacks, in any case: Truvada is costly (up to $14,000 multi-year) and can have dangerous symptoms.
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